Female Yorkies

Ginger-Yorkie female



AKC Yorkie
Golden with White Marking

5.5 lbs

Beautiful Gold Yorkie with a wonderful disposition.


parti yorkie- gracie



AKC Parti Yorkie
Tan on White Parti

4 lbs

Outstanding Yorkie with beautiful face and short cobby body.


Mariah female yorkie



AKC & APRI Traditional Yorkie

  6 lbs

Adorable Parti carrier & cute little button nose.


yorkie females - crissy


"Hale's Crissy Cross my Heart"

AKC  Chocolate Parti Yorkie

4 lbs

Crissy follows her sister (Tootsie) in any endeavor that Tootsie tries. Like two peas in a pod and smart as a whip. Two together and you get twice the fun. She is going to have some wonderful puppies in the future

mimi- golden yorkie


"Fancy mimi Peg of My Heart"


AKC  Traditional Yorkie
Carries for Gold, Blond, and Parti

4 lbs

Mimi can smile at you and bare those little teeth and wiggle her tail faster
than a speeding bullet. Her whole body goes with her tail and she in fun in motion. Love this little ball of sunshine.
Mimi has had some beautiful puppies. She always throws a blond. Looking forward to her next litter soon

parti yorkies -tootsie


"Hale's Tootsie Roll in The Love"

AKC  Chocolate Parti Yorkie

5.8 lbs

Tootsie is extremely smart and aware of everything. Always busy and interested in all of the other dogs and is the ring leader in getting into something. She will have me some beautiful Chocolates and Chocolate Parties in the future.